Top 4 Ways To Get Into A Biker’s Head and Stay There

By | April 5, 2018

If you’re looking to meet local bikers, you’ll need to download Tinder and frequent the places where bikers tend to go to on a regular basis. That’s the easy part. The hard part is once you’ve met him to make him fall for you or at least stick around long enough until he’s served his purpose, whatever that may be. Today, we present the top 4 tips to turn a biker’s world upside down and become the most important girl in his life.

meet local bikers

#1: Bikers Love The Rush

Bikers are elusive adrenaline junkies, but a girl should know how to tame down that beast. A rush can be created in more ways than one, and if you’re looking to get under his skin and stay there, your boudoir better be a place where you two get to create some pretty unforgettable memories. Plan the getting down and dirty part of your dates in detail, and don’t leave anything to chance. Play out your fantasies in your head before trying them out on him to make sure they are feasible and make you look like a sex goddess. He won’t walk out of your place in the morning, he’ll stumble out of it weak in the knees and drunk from all the lovemaking. After all, men are very simple creatures, and once you become comfortable enough with your own sexuality, you’ll dominate him like a piece of cake. Chocolate cake. With strawberries.

#2: Feed Him Home-cooked Meals

Speaking of chocolate and strawberries, most bikers are pretty old-fashioned guys and would kill for a warm home-cooked meal made with love. Cooking for two is a pretty sensual act in an of itself because its end result also leads to pleasure – an explosion of flavors in your (and his!) mouth. Sharing a meal together can sometimes be incredibly intimate, even if it’s not in a romantic restaurant over a bottle of wine and some candles (we’re dealing with bikers here, remember?). No, you can create a perfectly innocent yet intimate atmosphere at home so effortlessly he won’t even know what hit him. Biker dating tends to be a breeze once you get his favorite dishes down, and with his belly full at the hands of a master chef like you, he’ll be running back for more.

#3: Go Dancing Together

This one might be a stretch because you never really see biker singles or couples for that matter dance. However, if you can convince your tough guy to go out dancing with you, you’ll keep the passion running high for much longer because just like eating or sleeping together, dancing is another one of those activities that creates intimacy on a deeper level. Choose a venue that plays music you like and he at least tolerates as country music isn’t the most sensual. Live band performances are always a good idea because those usually ensure a great party although a good DJ can also mix things up the right way for you to get inside your biker’s head and stay there. Mind you, you don’t necessarily have to go to a crowded club to dance with your beau as a nice lounge can also do the trick. Although bars can have good music too, the atmosphere is usually neither romantic nor sexy so stay out of those.

#4: Talk Without Going Into Too Much Detail

If you want a biker to fall for you hard and not just see you as a sex toy to go out with and have fun, you definitely need to have some meaningful conversations. That being said, bikers or any men for that matter, don’t care for much detail! They find all the unnecessary information to be pretty boring so choose your words well when spilling the beans, and make sure you don’t end up having a monologue. Tell him about yourself, what you hold dear, what you despise, and what your values and expectations in life are, but don’t overdo it because you’ll just put him to sleep and nobody wants that.

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