Rules Of Online Dating: How To Avoid Crucial Mistakes On TS Meet

By | October 13, 2017

Everyone these days thinks that using dating sites is easy as one, two, three. But let’s just stop and think for a moment. Of all those “experts”, how many of them can really find a date online? Yap, a low number.  So, let’s all agree that making a profile requires some rule following.  But wait, it gets even more complicated when you go on all those niche dating sites, like TS meet. Don’t panic, we will help you create a kick ass profile everyone will love. So, grab a pen and write these rules down.

TS meet

Happy, not sexy

Don’t think that people are attracted to those duck faces or sexy pouts. If you are not a professional model, don’t try that. Instead, smiling on your pictures will get you far. Studies have shown that people respond better to happy, not sexy.

Don’t use ancient pics

Don’t try to seem younger by uploading old photos. Who are you fooling? You know that the point of online dating is to go on transgender dates in the offline world. When you are face to face with your date, they will see every wrinkle on your face and realize you have been lying to them. They won’t trust you after that, no matter what you say to make things right. Also, when you are uploading a profile picture, choose the one where you are the main focal point, not the one where you are somewhere in the background.

Short and sweet

Don’t write your whole life story on TG personals. When you introduce yourself to a stranger in a bar, you don’t just walk up to them and talk about yourself for hours. Try to sum yourself up, and then write a few sentences. Give other users all the information they need to see if you are their type, but also be a little bit mysterious so they want to ask you some questions. Don’t lay it all out on the table.

Have fun

Transgender, like most people, are looking for someone who can make them laugh. SO be funny and charming. Don’t be afraid to show people you have a sense of humor.  If you can make the person you are chatting with smile, you are off to a great start.

Stay positive

People don’t want to date gloomy strangers who are negative about everything. So try using positive tones. People try to present their best qualities when they write a CV, so why would you do any different here?

Dust your profile regularly

People change over time, so when you take up a hobby or fall in love with a new band or a TV show, write it down. That way transgenders who share your interests are more likely to contact you.

Use spell check

Don’t think that it is only important what you write, not how you write it. People find poor grammar and lousy spelling a real turn off, but you can always use spell check to see if you have made any mistakes.

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