Four Types Of Men You Shouldn’t Date If You Want A Serious Relationship

By | February 22, 2018

Every girl dreams of finding her Prince Charming. In this modern day and age the easiest way to find him is with a little help from the Internet. With just several clicks you can meet people online and, with some luck, find your soulmate. Unfortunately, dating is a numbers game. You will need to weed out the losers before you can meet your perfect match. But how can you easily spot Mr. Wrong? Here are some ways that might do the people online

He exaggerates the truth

It will take some time, but if your date is a liar you will eventually catch him with his pants on fire. Men love to impress women, so they often exaggerate their accomplishments. If he tells you that he is a big shot in his company but you find out that he is just a salesperson, move on. Not because he isn’t rich or anything like that, but because he lied. You deserve a relationship based on mutual trust. Once you catch him red-handed you’ll always doubt him.

He is a financial mess

If you want something serious you will need to find a guy who is financially stable. This shows his maturity. If your date loves taking you out for expensive dinners but borrows money from you so he can pay for his cell phone bill, keep looking. Immature guys are impulsive spenders. They are still boys who like to spend money on toys and shiny things and they haven’t got a clue what it takes to survive in the real world.

A lot of promises

He will give you the world. At least he says so. He promises to get tickets, but he forgets. He tells you that he will call you in the afternoon but your phone stays silent. Your date says that he will visit you later, but cancels at the last moment. He is all about the promises and nothing else. You will spend a half of your relationship listening to him justifying and explaining his actions.  Stop making excuses for him and find a guy who will always keep his promises and won’t let you hanging.

Mr. Spontaneous

Let’s be fair, it is nice if your partner is sometimes spontaneous. However, if he never plans ahead and scheduling a date feels like a nightmare, it is time to find a guy who will make you feel special.

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