How To Create A Flawless Profile On Free Personals In A Few Easy Steps

By | January 11, 2018

If you have decided to find love using free personals, good for you. That means that you are ready to take matter into your own hands. In order to find your potential match you have to make a great profile. Keep in mind that other users can’t see you or hear you, so they will decide whether they want to contact you based on your profile. If you want to get many hits, don’t make it generic. Here are several tips which should help you attract the right kind of people.

Create A Flawless Profile

Who are you?

List four or five of your qualities. If you have no idea what to write, just ask your friends to describe you. Name things you are passionate about? If you love your job, great! Write about that. But keep in mind that profiles on free singles dating sites are not the same as work resumes. Write about things you love doing at your free time. Do you volunteer at a local animal shelter or do you go hiking every day? If you name those things you will probably be contacted by people who share your interests. Let other users know what you are seeking for. Are you interested in finding just someone you can occasionally have fun with or are you looking for a meaningful relationship? Be honest about your intentions.

Who do you want to meet?

It is easy to find love online if you keep an open mind. Online sites aren’t a place where you can order your perfect man/woman. If you say that you are looking for a tall guy with dark hair and green eyes who works in marketing and loves dogs, you won’t get many hits, if any. Focus on character, not characteristics. Avoid listing ideal hobbies, height, weight, education or jobs.

Don’t be vague

Instead of writing that you love to read, name your favorite writers and books. Reading includes anything from detergent labels to War and Peace, so be specific. If you love to travel, list your favorite destinations and places you would love to visit. Talk about your dream vacation and everyone who shares your opinion will contact you. Instead of being vague name actual examples and you will get more hits.

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