6 Reasons Why You Should Try Cowboy Dating

By | November 2, 2017

If you have seen The Longest Ride or some other cowboy related romantic movie, you are probably wondering what dating these guys looks like. Are they really as awesome as they are in movies? Well, yes. If you are tired of guys who can’t spell chivalry let alone know what that is, try cowboy dating. These fellas are romantic, they know how to treat a woman like a lady and they can wear those hats with style. If you are a city girl and you are looking for some change in your life, this article is for you. Here are best reasons why you should consider joining a cowboy dating site.

Reasons Why You Should Try

Drool-worthy gorgeous

Well, their bodies look like they have been Photoshoped. You can clearly see every muscle on their body. Thanks to all than ranch work they are handsome as hell. Gym membership? These guys absolutely don’t need those. Plus, they have that rugged and mysterious look every woman loves. When they tilt their hat, we become weak in the knees. After a hard day they clean up good. But even if they stay a little bit dirty, we don’t mind.

Kiss the cook

In this day and age you can order takeout at any time, day or night. This is why more and more people don’t cook at home. And let’s face it ladies, watching your man cook you dinner is extremely hot. If he knows his way around the kitchen, he won our heart. If you date a cowboy you will have a guy who knows how to prepare a great home cooked meal. Beans, sizzling bacon, sausage, a great cup of coffee, these guys know how to make anything.

They will make you feel welcome

Cowboys are great hosts. When you are staying at his place, you will feel welcome and cozy. Oh, and you will probably get breakfast in bend. Ding, ding, ding, can you say jackpot?

You’ll be protected

Cowboys are very protective. They respect women and they make sure their girl is always safe and sound. So forget about those annoying drunk guys who are bothering you at the bar, your cowboy will make them go away. You will never again have to walk those dark streets alone, because your guy will escort you home making sure you arrive safely.

You will have a dance partner

If you are tired of guys who will go to the club with you, but won’t move an inch further from the bar, cowboy is your man. These guys love to dance and they know how to move around the floor.

They aren’t cheaters

Cowboy is loyal to his girl. He would do anything for her, so if you have had enough of those cheaters and liars, go out with a country guy. Every woman should go out with one at least once in her life, so give it a shot.

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