3 Ways You Can Enhance Your Current Wardrobe

By | September 4, 2018

Just because you are in your golden years, doesn’t mean you should forget about fashion and stop taking care of yourself. This goes double if you want to get back on the market and check out the senior dating scene. Therefore, if you haven’t bought a new dress since Clinton was in the White House, it is time to go shopping! Don’t worry, you can update your wardrobe and your whole look with some clever accessories and stylish items. Just follow these simple tips and we are positive you will dazzle your date with your impeccable sense of style.

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Great shoes can make or break your outfit

Mature ladies should look elegant and stylish, so invest in high-quality shoes. If high heels hurt your feet and disturb your balance, don’t wear them. There are so many sexy and classy styles you can choose from, so have your pick. When it comes to shoe color, feel free to experiment a little bit and combine bright shoes with a dark outfit and vice versa. You can also buy sandals with floral or leopard print, just don’t wear them with colorful outfits.

Spice up your monochrome wardrobe

Okay, a little black dress never goes out of style, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of your wardrobe also has to be black or even monochrome. Feel free to express yourself with colors and patterns that can make you look youthful. If you do choose a monochrome outfit for your date, remember to combine it with a colorful scarf, an interesting handbag, brooch or hair accessory. That way, you won’t look too serious and unapproachable.

Make sure you feel comfortable

Keep in mind that a tiny detail can ruin your whole look, so pay attention to every piece you put on yourself. More importantly, make sure you feel comfortable in your outfit. If you wear something that just isn’t you, you will question your choice and spend your date feeling very self-conscious. Also, buy outfits in your size because fashion items that don’t exactly fit you will leave a wrong impression. Therefore, maintain your personal style, ensure that everything is in its place and you will be ready to go out and conquer the world.

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