Top 4 Ways To Get Into A Biker’s Head and Stay There

If you’re looking to meet local bikers, you’ll need to download Tinder and frequent the places where bikers tend to go to on a regular basis. That’s the easy part. The hard part is once you’ve met him to make him fall for you or at least stick around long enough until he’s served his… Read More »

Forty And Fabulous: Stay In Shape With These 3 Amazing Tips

You know what all those sexy, famous cougars have in common, aside from hot looking guys? Great bodies! They are all in shape, and although they are all older than 40, they look fabulous and youthful. Okay, they have personal trainers who are taking care of that, but with some willpower, you can also become… Read More »

Awesome Fashion Tips For BBW

Being chubby doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable and look stunning in your outfit. Unfortunately, many big women are ashamed of their curves and wear baggy clothes which make them look like walking tents. This is a huge mistake because you should embrace and be proud of your body but still dress according to your shape. And in case you… Read More »

Famous Trans People Who Changed The World

If you don’t know a lot about transgender issues and lifestyle, there is no need to bother your TS date with a bunch of questions either. Everything you need to know is online; you just have to know where to dig. Nevertheless, if you want to impress your girl with your knowledge of famous trans… Read More »

5 Awesome Travel Destinations for Seniors and their Dates

When we reach our golden years we finally have time for ourselves. Kids are all grown up, we don’t have to go to work anymore and we can finally focus on our needs. On the other hand, retirement is the perfect time to travel and visit all those dream destinations we’ve always wanted to see. So what… Read More »

4 Things To Avoid When Chatting With Senior Singles

Even though online dating is a fun and not so complicated activity, being successful on dating sites for seniors can sometimes be tricky. These people play by certain rules that are not that common on other matchmaking platforms and niches. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a senior as well or a young person… Read More »

3 Things You Must Know Before You Date Disabled Singles

You have met a great girl, but there is one hiccup – she is in a wheelchair. First of all, take a deep breath and relax. Many disabled singles date, lead active lives, have fun, go out with friends and have jobs. If you can’t see past the chair, that is your problem. But just… Read More »